The taste that has become a trademark at Raffaele is the clean, sun-inspired cuisine of Naples and Southern Italy. Using imported olive oils, pastas and other delightful delicacies, Raffaele’s vintage wine cellar contains “bottiglie” that even the locals from Tuscany and Veneto are impressed. Including special California wines to compliment the collection. A very unique experience, you will always want to return to. Buon Appetito!

Special from the house: Rigatoni stuffed with veal and vegetables with a light pink sauce. Linguine with cabbage, sausage, and panchetta with a light fresh tomato, Frank Sinatra’s favorite dish. Paccheri (double rigatoni) with dried figs, almonds, walnuts, raisins, cognac in a pink sauce. Wild salmon with grapefruit and raisins. Suckling pig and baby lamb cooked in the wood oven with onion, potato, green pea, in light tomato sauce. Beautiful chicken saute with porcini mushrooms and almonds.